Our long-standing interest in the place of religion in public education is evident in the various assessments we’ve produced of national and state curricula and standards. Throughout the 1990s, we studied the emergence of the K-12 academic standards movement, and in particular the preparation of national standards for World and U.S. History. We continue to take interest in the evolution of the standards at the state level throughout the nation, with regard to their implications for history-social science scholarship, textbook design, and classroom teaching and testing. We expect to prepare new assessments based on emerging significant developments in the coming years.

California History-Social Science Framework (1994)

In 1987, the state of California’s Department of Education adopted the California History-Social Science Framework. During a follow-up adoption process in 1995, the California History-Social Science Framework was reevaluated for improvement. Read CIE’s 1994 assessment of the California Framework, with its recommendations for changes in the addenda.

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National Standards for World History (1994)

CIE was requested by the NCHS to review and provide input on the June 1994 draft of the document. Many of CIE’s recommendations, including student achievement exemplars which give life to the standards, were incorporated in subsequent drafts and the final published document. Read CIE’s assessment of the draft national world history standards and recommended standards and exemplars, as submitted to the National Center for History in the Schools.

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Virginia History-Social Science Standards of Learning (1997)

In May 1997, CIE was requested to review the History and Social Science Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools. In particular, we assessed the draft standards for World History, Grades 8 and 9, and recommended some amendments to the material. The standards that were eventually published by Virginia reflect significant improvements over the draft materials evaluated here.

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California History-Social Science Standards (1998)

In the second half of the 1990s, many states began earnestly developing standards in various subject areas. In 1998, California policymakers and educators were immersed in drafting new history-social science standards. CIE was requested by state officials to provide feedback on several drafts of the evolving document, beginning with a January draft, followed April and June drafts. CIE’s assessments were intended to help California policymakers develop standards reflecting the state’s ideals and overall educational goals.

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Teaching about Religion in National and State Social Studies Standards (2000)

This study by the Council on Islamic Education and the First Amendment Center analyzes the standards and program frameworks in seven national curriculum documents, most of which were published in the early 1990s, as well as the academic standards documents adopted or undergoing adoption by most of the 50 states. State standards documents will decisively impact content in teaching, textbooks and testing for the foreseeable future.

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Programs Submitted for California History-Social Science Adoption (2005)

This assessment was provided to California Curriculum Development and Supplemental Materials Commission members and education policymakers in August 2005, between the preliminary review of materials for legal and social compliance, and the final stages of review that involved state board meetings and public hearings. Availing itself of the public comment component of the adoption process, CIE is provided this assessment as a resource for policymakers in their effort to evaluate the programs submitted for adoption.

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