Online Lesson Plans

These lesson plans provide everything you need to explore the role of religion in world history and contemporary societies.

The Hijab Between Secularism and Piety

The purpose of this lesson is to elicit discussion on the contemporary meaning of hijab and the various reactions it draws from different cultures.

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Frontline: Muslims

The lesson packet bridges between the constraints of a documentary video production and the needs of the classroom. A correlation demonstrates that the materials meet content standards and skills mandates cited in state and national curriculum documents. They provide preparatory material that helps students get the most out of viewing part or all of the film with vocabulary, note-taking pages, as well as pre- and post-viewing questions for comprehension and critical analysis and assessment.

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Artistic Exchange: Europe and the Islamic World

This self-contained lesson is designed to increase comprehension and appreciation of the National Gallery of Art brochure Artistic Exchange: Europe and the Islamic World, and the accompanying informational labels on featured works in the National Gallery of Art’s permanent collection. The lesson integrates world history, world religions, geography, and art history to enables students to explore the many artistic connections linking European and Muslim cultures during medieval times

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Journey Along the Silk Road

This lesson plan ties together the subjects of history, geography, religion, art and economics while taking into account the fact there are many ways in which children learn. The focus of this lesson will be on the city of Cairo, with its Khan al-Khalili Market which was built in 1382, and can still be visited today. The city also boasts Al Azhar University that was established in 972 and is the oldest continuously functioning university in the world. Students still travel to Al Azhar today to study Islamic science, law and theology. Of course teachers and students can select other cities as their interests direct them.

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The Transfer of Classical Knowledge Before the Renaissance

This self-contained lesson is based on material found in The Emergence of Renaissance (Council on Islamic Education, 1999), a resource collection comprised of readings, activities, projects and critical thinking exercises designed to enrich students’ understanding of interactions between medieval Muslim and European civilizations, and the intellectual and cultural roots of the European Renaissance.

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Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet

CIE has prepared an extensive set of lessons that correlate with content found in the documentary film Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet. Teachers can show the film or various clips and use the following resources and lessons to enhance student understanding.

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Guidelines For Lesson Plan Authors

Valuable suggestions for preparing content on world religions and world history topics. The suggestions cover terminology, spellings, definitions, the use of descriptive language, and other content-related issues.

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