Advisory Work

Educational Programs

IRCV plays or has played an advisory role in regards to the following educational initiatives and programs.

Council for America’s First Freedom: National Program Advisory Board

IRCV supports the mission of the Council on America’s First Freedom, to “promote and extend freedom of religion as a fundamental human right.” IRCV’s Founding Director Shabbir Mansuri is a founding member of the CAFF National Program Advisory Board. CAFF works in several areas to educate Americans about the importance of religious freedom, and to celebrate the historic significance of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom and its similarities to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The Council is both non-political and non-denominational, and firmly believes that all persons are entitled to freedom of conscience in matters of belief. For more information on CAFF, please visit their website.

California Three Rs Project Advisory Committee

The California Three Rs Project is partly based on ideas in Finding Common Ground by Charles C. Haynes and Oliver Thomas, a First Amendment guide to religion and public education published by the First Amendment Center. This document outlines the Rights guaranteed by the First Amendment, and the Responsibilities that citizens have to protect and defend the rights of all Americans [even those with whom they disagree], and the Respect that is necessary to maintain civil discourse about issues when people disagree because of deeply held beliefs. The California Three Rs Project publishes a bulletin, organizes workshops and other events, coordinates meetings, and gathers resources for educators. Shabbir Mansuri represents IRCV on the Advisory Committee of the California 3Rs Project, attending periodic meetings, conferring with colleagues, and exchanging insights on instructional content and teacher training experiences.For more information about the 3Rs Project, please visit their website.

The Asia Society: States’ Institute on International Education in the Schools

On November 17-19, 2003, Shabbir Mansuri participated in the second annual States’ Institute on International Education in the Schools, co-sponsored by the Asia Society and the National Coalition on Asia and International Studies in the Schools. The conference brought together senior policymakers, lawmakers, and international experts in teaching and education, as well as experts on trade, national security, and foreign languages and cultures. The main goal of the conference was to address American students’ lack of knowledge about foreign history and international affairs. More information about the States’ Institute may be found at the following website.

Journal of Religion and Education

The Journal of Religion and Education, published semi-annually by the University of Northern Iowa, strives to be “a journal of analysis and comment advancing public understanding of religion and education.” IRCV supports the important work of this publication. Shabbir Mansuri serves on the JRAE Editorial Board. Visit the journal’s website.

Civic Activities

IRCV plays or has played an advisory role in regards to the following civic activities and programs.

Center for Citizen Peacebuilding (CCPB) University of California, Irvine

Since 1999, it has been the mission of the Center for Citizen Peacebuilding (CCPB) at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) to help citizens seek realistic ways to improve human conditions locally and globally. CCPB activities aim to prevent violent conflict and, if violence occurs, to promote reconciliation and sustainable peace. The CCPB engages in research, education, and action supporting citizen participation in public peace processes. Turning research into action, the UCI center (co-directed by Dr. Paula Garb and Dr. John Graham) takes an integrated approach to studying the best grassroots peacebuilding methods in both domestic and international conflicts, and utilizes those findings in direct engagement in peacebuilding projects in neighborhoods in Orange County and Los Angeles, California as well as in selected communities in Northern Ireland, the Middle East, Bosnia/Herzegovina, and the former Soviet Union. The CCPB helps oversee the Orange County Peacebuilders Network (OCPN), a non-advocacy group promoting connections and cooperation to build a community of peace, of which IRCV is a member.

Orange County Superior Court Advisory Forum

The Orange County branch of the Superior Court of California invited IRCV (CIE) to serve on the Court/Community Advisory Forum from 2002-2005. The forum was established to help the court progress in its strategic planning to improve community access to the court. During the period of service, IRCV representatives attended conferences pertaining to juvenile and family court, the state fiscal crisis, and other topics.