Resource Development

World history textbooks provide a useful narrative about human experiences over time and place. However, textbooks cannot elaborate on many topics of interest. Teachers use supplementary materials to provide students with additional primary source readings, activities, project and critical thinking exercises that can reinforce learning.

Since its founding, IRCV has reached out to publishers with new scholarship produced in Area Studies and in Religious Studies to improve textbook content. IRCV also embarked on the development of teaching units and lesson plans to address the lack of accurate teaching resources available to educators at the time about Islam and Muslims, and interconnections between medieval Islamic and European civilization.

IRCV’s materials are noted for being thoroughly grounded in academic scholarship, and for adhering to guidelines for teaching about religion. They also connect with learning standards at various grade levels. The teaching units and lessons can be used in a flexible manner, according to the needs and interests of a given group of students.

IRCV’s teaching materials have been prized by educators at many levels, both within and outside public education. Religious leaders, journalists, civic organizers, government officials, and others have found value in IRCV’s resources.