Who We Are


The Mission of IRCV is to strengthen civil society by exploring issues at the intersection of faith, citizenship, and pluralism and to serve as a catalyst to align public policymaking with our nation’s core values.


IRCV’s work is predicated on a commitment to fairness, respect for deep differences, and the search for common ground. IRCV’s work is informed by academic scholarship, collective wisdom, and the desire to eliminate the root cause of injustice through examination of core values. IRCV maintains a non-advocacy role in all of its activities.


IRCV’s strength lies in the respect, good will and value accumulated over a 16 year period in its previous incarnation as the Council on Islamic Education (CIE). IRCV carries forward CIE’s track record of research and consulting projects, its reputation for producing quality publications, and its extensive network of contacts and associates in various fields. IRCV leverages CIE’s methodology and reputation to enhance its core competencies and apply them to a broader range of activities pertaining to religion and society. IRCV intends to be a recognized leader conducting non-partisan research on the role of religion in contemporary society, and how the interplay of secular and religious identities and values inform public discourse and policymaking.