Shabbir Mansuri
Founding Director

Shabbir Mansuri has maintained a lifelong interest in studying the American institutional apparatus and policymaking system that has helped position the United States as a beacon of freedom, democracy and opportunity. In 1990, after decades of private analysis, and in light of new developments in K-12 education related to history-social studies curricula, Shabbir founded the Council on Islamic Education (CIE). Through this non-advocacy vehicle, a scholar-based research institute dedicated to improving coverage of world history and world religions in the American education system, Shabbir was able to leverage his accumulated insights and knowledge and test his understanding of American institutional mechanisms for advancing the public good. The CIE experience confirms that Muslims, like other groups, have a place at the American institutional table, and that the system at large accepts contributions that strengthen America and reinforce core values. Shabbir served as the Founding Director of CIE from 1990-2006, and now serves as the CEO/Founding Director of IRCV, a successor organization that expands the work of CIE into various arenas through a broadened mission. In this capacity, Shabbir fulfills a number of key roles:

Munir A. Shaikh
Executive Director

Munir Shaikh has a Master’s Degree in Islamic Studies and is currently completing his PhD. in Islamic Studies at UCLA, with a specialization in the history of medieval Islamic Spain. Since 2003, Munir has taught undergraduate courses on Middle Eastern history, Islam, and world history at several universities. Munir plays an instrumental role in articulating the organization’s non-advocacy model and ensuring the scholarly integrity of the organization’s manuscript reviews, analyses, reports and educational resources. Munir has been associated with CIE/IRCV since its founding in 1990, having previously served as the organization’s Administrator. In his capacity as Director, Munir oversees the majority of the organization’s services and activities, and fulfills a number of key roles: